One of the main directions of our work is the mining of cryptocurrencies. We deal with them using “farms” - complexes consisting of computers and additional equipment.

Our company knows all the details of the cryptocurrency production process, and we understand how to optimize it in order to increase the margin. The fact is that the cost of digital money depends on two factors. The first is the cost of equipment. The second is the price of electricity. For the production of digital currency to be profitable, it is especially important that electricity be cheap.

Reducing the cost of electricity is possible in several ways. So, you can use it to make solar panels. In addition, excess capacity can be purchased from farms with generators. These and other measures used by us allow the company to reduce the share of electricity in the cost of mining cryptocurrency to 10%, thereby increasing the profitability of extracting digital money.

But this is not all. To mining was profitable, you need to produce exactly the currency, the value of which is growing at the moment. To find out which currency is in demand, you need to understand market trends very well. Since we know them well, our customers get a good profit.