What is a robot advisor?

This is an automated system that trades according to a certain strategy. The robot, following the programmed algorithm, can assess and monitor the situation on the market and perform operations, opening transactions in the MetaTrader4 platform in automatic mode.

The Expert Advisor takes into account the movement and price changes and places orders at the time when the transaction can make a profit. Orders are closed automatically at the most favorable market indicators and do not allow loss.

Through numerous testings, the robot advisor has been improved and its participation in trades provides the maximum benefit from the transaction and competent money management.

Myfxbook is a portal for monitoring trading robots

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* Myfxbook service takes the history of transactions from the MetaTrader 4 terminal, which for cent accounts is stored in the terminal for the last 1 month only, according to the trading conditions Therefore, the statistics provided on the Myfxbook service may slightly differ from the real one. In the broker's personal account, history is available for all time, for any of the real accounts.