General issues

  • How to start working with you?

    First you need to go through a simple registration procedure for the project, after which you can immediately make a deposit on the amount available to you.

  • Is there documentation confirming that itrade.company is an official company?

    Yes, our company is registered in Hong Kong and has a document confirming this, you can read it on the page "About company".

  • Can I register several personal accounts?

    No, this is a gross violation and will lead to the blocking of all personal accounts without the possibility of a refund.

  • I forgot the password (login), what should I do in this case?

    In this case, you can use the access recovery function, an email with a new password will be sent to your email address.

  • Can I make multiple deposits?

    Yes, the number of deposits is not limited

  • ?

    No, it is strictly prohibited

Financial questions

  • I ordered a payment, how long will it take to transfer funds to my wallet?

    The ability to apply for withdrawal is provided every week from 12:00 Saturday to 12:00 Sunday, UTC + 3. Withdrawal of funds is carried out from Monday to Friday, after making a request for withdrawal.

  • What currencies and payment systems do you work with and is it planned to increase their number?

    Currently the following payment systems are available: Payeer, PerfectMoney, AdvCash, YandexMoney, BitCoin, Card, Nixmoney.

  • How long can it take to replenish the balance of my personal account?

    Balance replenishment occurs automatically.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount?

    The minimum amount is 10$

  • What is the minimum amount to make a deposit?

    At the moment, the minimum deposit amount is 100$

  • Is there a withdrawal fee?

    There is no commission for withdrawal of funds. however, some payment systems may take a certain percentage.

  • In my account, the payment has the status "Successful", but there is no money on my wallet, what should I do?

    If you are sure that you are checking that account, and there are no funds, then contact technical support.

Partner Issues

  • ?

    Yes, the company has an affiliate program, which is 4%, 2%, 1% of the amount to be invested of the invited partner by You. A withdrawal of partner deductions is only possible in the case of a minimum deposit 100$.

  • Is it possible to increase the percentage of partnerships?

    The percentage is fixed for all users and cannot be increased.